Over Here, Over There: How To Make The Most Of Family Health Plans

Two-parent working homes often have access to two insurance plans provided by employers. Even if one employer only provides a stipend for employees to purchase insurance on "the exchange," there are still extra options here. Do you insure your whole family under this plan or that one? Should your spouse bear the full burden of the insurance for everyone, or does it make better financial sense to put the kids on a different plan? Read More 

4 Questions To Consider When Comparing Medical Plans

Having a medical plan is highly important to ensuring that you are able to afford your health care needs. This is especially important if you have children you need to insure. Without a medical plan, you will have to pay out of pocket for medical care for yourself and your family, which can add up quickly. When you are comparing medical plans, here are four questions you need to consider: Read More 

Is Your Business Growing And You Wonder About Health Insurance Options? Ask Yourself These Questions

If your small business that started with you and just one other owner is now growing, and you have staff members asking about the possibility of a health insurance plan, there are some things you'll want to consider. You need to be sure that paying for the plan is going to be a wise investment, that you can get good coverage, and that your employees are going to want the plan you pick out. Read More 

Confused About Medicare, Medicaid And Title XVIV? Information You Need To Understand These Insurance Programs

The federal and state governments provide three types of insurance programs for the elderly, disabled and indigent. Additionally, two of these programs may apply to any children you have who have disabilities. When you apply for government-funded insurance, it may get quite confusing as to which of these programs you should apply and for which program you or your dependents qualify. If you find that you are quite confused about Medicare, Medicaid and Title XIX insurance programs, here is some information that will hopefully sort out your confusion. Read More 

Is There A Way To Lower A Hard-To-Place Workers’ Comp Insurance Premium?

Depending on the type of business you operate, finding workers' compensation insurance could prove to be challenging. Some insurance companies are reluctant to provide coverage to companies who have a high risk of injury. If you are one of those companies, here is what you need to know about hard-to-place workers' compensation insurance.  What Is Hard-to-Place Coverage? In most instances, businesses are able to easily obtain workers' compensation insurance after a risk assessment. Read More